WordPress, WordPress… If you’re somehow connected to a website development or management, there is no doubt that you heard about WordPress and you know what it is. But for those of you who don’t, it’s a free open source content management system (in short CMS), which allows you to build your website/blog super quickly and manage it easily without tech skills.

According to recent statistics WordPress is an Absolute Word Champion/Leader across all CMS platforms that exist nowadays.  Namely it powers over 30% of internet (Source: W3techs surways). Nevertheless, there are a lot of online/offline debates  on why WordPress is good and why it’s not…

If you want to know our opinion, here at Codefam we believe that WordPress is the best existing CMS platform for websites and we’re in “WordPress” team, so we formed the below list to give you a better understanding why. But before you get to it, let us be very clear on what we mean by “Websites”. By “Websites” we mean business online sites, that present company’s info, news, updates, allow businesses to be found by customers/clients online and be contacted by those customers/clients. For these exact purposes WordPress is the best choice. WordPress is not a good option for social networks, online betting platforms, and pretty much any other online applications that provide an interactive service to end user. WordPress simply was never built for that:) In other words, no matter how you like your car, it wasn’t build to fly or sail the ocean:)

Now you’re all set to see the reasons why we’re convinced WordPress is the best choice for Websites

  1. Flexibility. Besides tons of ready-made themes (both free and paid) you can build absolutely unique website in look and feel. There are about 50000 plugins available for WordPress, which make it super extensive in functionality. Plus you can always create your own plugin a lot easier that for main competitors CMS platforms like Drupal or Joomla or Magento. From developers’ prospective there is almost no such thing as “No the system doesn’t allow that” when it comes to WordPress.
  2. Inexpensive. You can quickly create your site almost at no cost. All you’ll need to do is buy a domain name and some hosting (We’re talking about 15-20 bucks a year). WordPress itself is free, most hosting providers allow you to install WordPress in a few clicks. Then you select a theme from existing ones and that’s it. You’re all set to use your site. If you want to create an absolute custom website, it’s also much cheaper and faster to do comparing to other CMS competitors.
  3. Easy to support. With that many websites powered by WordPress, you have the largest pool of developers across the world that can assist you with your website if need be. I.e you’ll never get stuck with unknown system, which noone knows, which makes it super expensive to maintain and upgrade.
  4. Easy-to-use Dashboard. Seriously, WordPress backend Dashboard is super intuitive, comparing to other competitors.
  5. Secure. WordPress is constantly updated to make sure you get the best possible security, on top of that you can make it more secure with certain plugins.  All cases of hacked WP sites are caused by poorly written plugins/features and weak passwords. A well created WordPress theme is secure and you can be sure that it won’t be hacked. Just like with any other platform, don’t let untrusted developers work on your site, hire a professional to make sure you’re safe here.
  6. A lot of education materials. If you have a question, you’ll definitely find answer by just googling:)

Hope you found this article useful! Feel free to contact us if you need your side developed by professionals

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